Wine Elaboration

Productos naturales de viña ecológica, garantizando el respeto por la naturaleza y la cultura de nuestro entorno


Wine Elaboration

At Miquel Pons we use the best pressing technologies and traditional techniques in order to obtain the best musts and convert them into wines which really express our territory.
Our philosophy is clear: to respect the grape in order to get natural products.  We always elaborate with very low levels of residual sugar and only use musts of the highest quality from grapes harvested in our estates.  We use slow pressings in various stages to get the best from our musts.

Miquel Pons wines are the fruit of the wise combination of technique and tradition.  The varieties used are classic to the Penedes region, but preparation is carried out using the most advanced wine making techniques to obtain intense and complex wines in response to the current consumer market.


We select our wines precisely from the best of our vineyards and used staged, slow pressings to obtain the best musts from which our wines will be produced.


Miquel Pons wines do not contain residual sugars, but only the minimum remaining from the fermentation process, making our wines lighter and healthier.


Our wines are from our own harvest and we control the entire process. The wines are local and the different tastes from different harvests can be noted, due to the sun, the rain and the earth. These are Miquel Pons wines.


We prepare our wines slowly, using filters, clarifications and movements which cause the minimum interference and whose only objective is to preserve as much as possible the properties of the grape harvested from our estates.

» The essence of our wines and cavas is born in the work in the vineyards. Here is where the fruits of our experience are harvested to produce the aromatic and natural products which are the hallmark of our vineyards. «