The Varieties

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Our Varieties



This variety is characterised by its high colour and concentration of sugars.  It is used for wines with a lot of colour and a high alcoholic content.  The grape is of medium size, round and a black, blue colour. It has a high level of tannins which gives its a good maturing capacity and a high acid content.  It has an intense colour, little aroma (floral), but is silky and tender.



This is a black grape with a thick skin.  The grape is spherical and small and a black, purple colour.  This grape is the most balanced in terms of colour and acidity.  It has a frank taste on the palate, which is an advantage in a young wine, but it is velvety when mature.  It produces a ruby coloured wine with good reserve capacities.



Merlot is a black grape which is very productive and one of the first to sprout.  The grape is cylindrical, small and not very dense.  It is characterised by its power, its tannin and yet it is aromatic and meaty with aromas of red fruits.  The colour is intense ruby with an average graduation.



Trepat is a black grape which is large and abundant. It has an early sprouting but a late maturity.  The grape is large and round and gives finesse, freshness, balance and a fruity taste.


Cabernet Sauvignon

This grape is characterised by its deep colour, complex fruit aromas, elegant structure and its suitability for maturity.  It has an intense colour with tannins when young, but when mature it develops a distinct range of floral aromas (violet, rose), fruity aromas (sloes, gooseberries, blackberries and blackcurrants) and vegetable aromas (green pepper, fresh coffee).


Moscatel de Alejandría

This is a white variety of average maturity and with a wide range of uses.  It is believed to come from the Mediterranean area and for optimum maturity it needs sun, humid soil and the influence of the sea.  It is characterized by its exuberant aromas of tropical fruits (lychees, peaches, grapes and apricots), it is light in the mouth.  The grape is large, smooth and round and the skin has a reddish colour.



A white grape variety with a sweet touch, small and compact and with a spherical shape, thick skin and a medium size.  It is a traditional variety of the Penedes region and can almost be considered as the emblem of the region.  The wine from this kind of grape is usually aromatic (white fruits, pine nuts, white flowers) and gives a fruitiness to balanced, structured and meaty wines with lots of personality.



This grape is grown in the high areas of the Penedès. It is a very productive grape with good quality but is also very fine and delicate as it is easily susceptible to illnesses and drought.  The grape is of medium size to large and is compact with a yellow-green colour. Wines produced with this grape are low in alcoholic content, pale, with a delicate aroma and little body.



A white grape variety, very popular in the Penedès as it is important for cava and for D.O Penedès white wines. The grape is large and compact with a fine skin and golden colour. It brings balance, finesse and a fruity flavour to wines and cavas.



This is a small, round grape with a honeyed tone during maturity. It produces gentle, creamy and aromatic wines (fruits, pine nuts and tropical fruits).  It is one of the earliest varieties of the Penedes.


Malvasia de Sitges

A Mediterranean variety typical of the Penedes sea region, it is cultivated on the plains of Sitges.  The grape is white, sweet and gentle.  It gives fresh, aromatic wines and is also used to make sweet and mature wines.