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Productos naturales de viña ecológica, garantizando el respeto por la naturaleza y la cultura de nuestro entorno

The World of Miquel Pons

Miquel Pons also has a social side as a result of the relationship acquired with friends and colleagues over the years.  Through the sale of our products, sponsorship and advertising, we have expressed our enthusiasm to make our personality known, to express our concerns and to help as much as we can to make a better world.



At Miquel Pons we believe that sport is a way of integrating races, cultures and generating good, healthy relationships such as team work, respect and friendship, culture effort and equality. For this reason we collaborate with various amateur teams throughout Catalonia in order to be able to help them develop their sports and personal training.

We have an agreement to sponsor the basketball teams of Sant Medir and the football club of La Granada our village’s team.

Within the sports area, we also collaborate with the professional footballer from the Barcelona Football Club, Xavi Hernández, whose football campus we have sponsored on numerous occasions.  These activities reinforce our commitment to sport which bring such good values to our society.

Sparkling Solidarity


In this globalized world in which we currently move and where things happen so quickly that we often suffer from an excess of information, sometimes we need to stop and think that we are very fortunate since throughout the world there are many people who live in drastic conditions and are not even able to obtain drinking water, light, food or schooling.

Miquel Pons has tried to help make the world a better place as we believe it is important to be involved with those less fortunate than ourselves and for this reason we have had the pleasure and enthusiasm to create a link with the NGO Namlo in their project Sparkling Solidarity.  We have created together with Namlo Europa a collaborative cava with a special format and every bottle sold donates €2 to the construction of schools in Nepal.

Namlo is an association which operates closely with Namlo Internacional and supports development programmes in Nepal and Nicaragua.  They are a non-profit making organisation and have no political or religious leanings, but simply work to improve the situation of many people through educational programmes and support for communities, giving them the power to be self-sufficient.

Namlo Europa’s mission is clear: to work to combat poverty through education, projects and actions which help to improve the economic situation of the less fortunate.

We believe that education is the basis of development in a global and technologically advanced society.  Children and young people are the heroes of tomorrow and the construction of a better future, from running water to their own training is of great importance.

For this reason Namlo has undertaken to work towards equality in education in co-operation with education and training as a fundamental tool in the fight against poverty and in favour of development.