Cava Elaboration

Productos naturales de viña ecológica, garantizando el respeto por la naturaleza y la cultura de nuestro entorno

Cava Elaboration

Our philosophy is clear: to respect the grape in order to get natural products.  We always elaborate with very low levels of residual sugar and only use musts of the highest quality from grapes harvested in our estates.  We use slow pressings in various stages to get the best from our musts.

We also work with yeasts from the area to emphasise the different registers of each variety and we elaborate our cavas very finely, following processes of filtering and stabilizing with the minimum of interference to maintain the essence of the grape..

The cava created by Miquel Pons is the fruit of a strict quality control during the whole process whose main criteria is to respect the natural processes.  The different stages, such as fermentation, the skimming of the froth or the maturity are very important to obtain the organic characteristics which define each product.


We disgorge our wines naturally without freezing the neck of the bottle in order to avoid the thermal contrast and the cooling of the yeasts and in this way we preserve the aromas of the cava as much as possible.


Our cavas have a minimum maturity of 18 months in order to obtain cavas with an aromatic complexity, structure and a fine and creamy sparkle.


Our Brut Nature are very natural products since we do not add any expedition liqueurs or bouquets.


We disgorge on a daily basis to offer our consumer a fresh product directly from our cellars.


We work with the grapes from our estate, which gives us a singular identity and allows us to follow the whole maturing process and to select the grapes in order to get the highest quality material possible.


We use local varieties such as Xarel•lo, Macabeu and Parellada, which are the most emblematic of our land.

» Our products are a reflection of persistence and experience to take the best from our wines, develop it in the cellar and express it in the bottle. «